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Looking for a Christian Therapist in Orange County ? Dr. Nikolaidis graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with a Master's in Theology . Fuller Seminary notable alumni include pastor Rick Waren of Saddleback Church . The Co-Founder of eHarmony , Dr. Neil Clark Warren, was formerly a Dean at Fuller. Dr. Nikolaidis is a Christian . Dr. Nikolaidis provides both comprehensive mainstream, secular, non-religious therapy using the latest research-based therapies, and expert Christian counseling only if requested from his Christian patients. With all his patients, Dr. Nikolaidis is very open-minded, non-judgemental, and he is trusted by patients of any religion, personal beliefs or sexual orientation and also by patients who are atheist. Dr. Nikolaidis is recognized as one of the leading Christian Counselors in Orange County .

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Dr. Nikolaidis has been trained by world leaders in the field of cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxiety, depression and anger, such as Dr. Donald Meichenbaum , Dr. Judith Beck , Dr. Aaron Beck , and Dr. David Barlow . Dr. Nikolaidis also has been trained by world leaders in the field of couples and relationship counseling , such as Dr. Harville Hendrix , Dr. Sue Johnson , Dr. Julie Gottman and Dr. John Gottman .

Dr. Nikolaidis completed his doctoral dissertation with a prestigious committee of expert psychologists from USC & UCLA, such as Dr. Galen Buckwalter, Founder and Chief Scientist of the #1 most trusted online singles dating website eHarmony , and a world leader in research on the foundations of relationship success . He developed the psychometric test that is arguably the most used in history. This test, and the algorithms developed from it, has been reported to be responsible for 5% of all marriages in the US. That's over 100,000 marriages per year! It is the model of compatibility that is now the basis of the eHarmony's matching system.

Everyone needs compassion. A love that's neverending. Are you or someone you love looking for Christian Counseling in Orange County ? Are you seeking therapy or counseling that will support your faith and values? Dr. Nikolaidis is an Orange County Christian Psychologist . Call, click or text 24/7 Dr. Nikolaidis ' Newport Beach, Orange County office at (949)791-7127 to get started.

(949)791-7127 Dr. Nikolaidis gets excellent reviews from his patients. The following are real examples of excellent reviews he has received:

Do you or someone you care about feel helpless in the face of anxiety ? Hopeless in the face of depression ? Anger when faced with relationship problems ? Even if you are in the deepest pits of despair, even if you feel that you deserve no forgiveness or mercy – you can have a better, more fulfilling life.

For his Christian patients, Dr. Nikolaidis provides Christian Counseling upon request.

Are you seeking Christian Counseling in Newport Beach, Orange County ? Experienced Christian Psychologist for Individuals & Couples. Call, click or text 24/7 Dr. Nikolaidis at his Newport Beach offices at (949)791-7127.

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Everyone needs forgiveness and unconditional acceptance. Do you feel broken and worn down by your emotional problems? Perhaps you feel shame, hurt , or anger , or you feel afraid and you don't know where to turn. As a former therapist at Fuller Seminary Psychological and Family Services, Dr. Nikolaidis brings a unique blend of mainstream counseling and Christian counseling to guide you in the process of healing.

Are you having a hard time in your life and in need of help? Looking for Christian marriage counseling in Orange County ? Dr. Nikolaidis provides individual Christian counseling , couples counseling , and family counseling to help guide you through the difficult times in your life. Maybe you are having a hard time by yourself sorting things out, or dealing with a difficult relationship or marriage or spouse , or managing your children . Dr. Nikolaidis can help you to cope with the storms in your life.

Are you looking for personal growth? Maybe you or someone you care about is struggling with addictions to sex, porn, the internet, food, shopping, alcohol or drugs. Everyone needs hope. Are you feeling sadness or depression and can't seem to enjoy life like you used to or you feel so much stress and anxiety that it interferes with your personal life, your career, or your relationships ? Dr. Nikolaidis can help.

Does your relationship need help? Do you fear that your spouse is cheating on you? Dr. Nikolaidis can help you to stop arguing with your spouse and start talking, help you with improving your communication, and help you fall in love again. Are you so busy with your career that your relationships have suffered ? Dr. Nikolaidis can help you.

Raising children be both a great source of joy and also a drain on your energy. Do you need help with parenting skills? Do you have children with common problems like anxiety , depression , and anger ? Do you have a teen who has problems and you don't know how to cope? Are you divorced and remarried into a blended family, and having difficulty parenting across households? Dr. Nikolaidis can help you. Call, click or text 24/7 Dr. Nikolaidis at his Newport Beach offices at (949)791-7127.

Dr. Nikolaidis devotes a portion of his practice in Orange County to providing this specialty to his Christian patients. Dr. Nikolaidis provides Christian Couples Counseling, Christian Premarital Counseling, Christian Marriage Counseling, and Christian Counseling for individuals seeking this specialized type of counseling.

Looking for a Christian Counselor who not only accepts your Christian beliefs, but encourages you in your faith as a source of strength? Dr. Nikolaidis graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with a Master's in Theology . He received his B.A. from Trinity University in Texas. Dr. Nikolaidis is a member of the Christian Association of Psychological Studies and the American Association of Christian Counselors. If a patient asks for Christian Individual Counseling, Christian Couples Counseling, or Christian Marriage Counseling, Dr. Nikolaidis is able to apply his many years of advanced training in spiritual issues, and the integration of psychology and theology.

Dr. Nikolaidis has received years of expert training from famous Christian psychologists , such as from Psychologist Dr. Arch Hart and Psychologist, pastor, and professor Dr. Siang-Yang Tan , author of Counseling and Psychotherapy: A Christian Perspective . Watch a video of Christian Psychologist Dr. Siang-Yang Tan . Dr. Nikolaidis helps individuals and couples from all backgrounds and religions, and he does not try to change someone's religious beliefs. Dr. Nikolaidis will not incorporate any faith based services unless a client requests Christian Counseling and is comfortable with it. Dr. Nikolaidis understands and supports each client according to their own unique values and beliefs, regardless of religious affiliation. He welcomes patients from all religions and world-views. Dr. Nikolaidis matches the content patients receive to work successfully within the framework of their beliefs. Call, click or text 24/7 Dr. Nikolaidis at his Newport Beach offices at (949)791-7127 for a free 20 minute phone consultation.

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Dr. Nikolaidis completed his doctorate at a pioneer program integrating evangelical Christian faith and psychology. He is experienced in providing Christian Counseling to Protestant, Catholic, and Greek Christian Orthodox patients. Placing strong theological study in the heart of psychology, Dr. Nikolaidis is an expert clinical psychologist prepared to serve with integrated professionalism and practice. He is a committed Christian who integrates his discipline with personal faith and dedication to the teachings of Jesus Christ. He brings a wealth of training and experience to each client. He brings the message of restoration, reconciliation, and redemption to each client through his life coaching and clinical practice.

Dr. Nikolaidis provides marriage counseling, relationship therapy, family therapy, couples counseling, premarital counseling, family counseling, teen counseling, parenting guidance, divorce, relationship advice, as well as help with dating, love and communication.

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