Anxiety and Panic Disorder

Call us 24/7, click (949)791-7127 Do you have recurrent, unexpected Anxiety or Panic Attacks that come from "out of the blue"? Looking for an Orange County Anxiety Therapist in Newport Beach? CALL NOW, CLICK OR TEXT (949)791-7127. Do you worry about having more Panic Attacks? Do you worry about the implications or consequences of the Panic Attacks? Has your behavior changed since you began having the Panic Attacks? Do you avoid doing things you used to enjoy, such as going to work or exercising, due to recurrent Panic Attacks? Do you fear you are "losing control" , are having a heart attack, or are "going crazy"?

It is common for someone with Panic Disorder to anticipate a catastrophic outcome from a mild physical symptom. Often, the loss or disruption of important relationships , such as leaving home to live on one's own, a breakup of a dating or romantic relationship , or a divorce , is associated with the onset or exacerbation of Panic Disorder . Do you feel demoralized as a consequence, becoming discouraged, ashamed, and unhappy about the difficulties of carrying out your normal routines? Do you find yourself saying, "I shouldn't feel this way"? Do you find yourself feeling depressed due to the Panic Attacks and the fear of having more Panic Attacks? I'm a doctor and I can help. I'm Dr. Nikolaidis and I'm an Anxiety Disorder Specialist . Call, click or text my Newport Beach, Orange County office at (949)791-7127 for a free phone consultation and to learn about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Anxiety .

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