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With many years of experience helping Executives, Professionals, Business Owners, Engineers, and Managers just like you reduce their depression, Orange County Psychologist Dr. Chris Nikolaidis has earned a reputation as one of the leading depression reduction psychologists in Orange County. Call or send a text message to (949)791-7127 for his Newport Beach, Orange County office.

Dr. Nikolaidis has completed advanced clinical training from world leaders in the field of cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxiety, depression and anger, such as Dr. Donald Meichenbaum , Dr. Aaron Beck , Dr. Judith Beck , and Dr. David Barlow .

Some of the Depression Disorders, Mood Disorders, and depression-related issues Dr. Nikolaidis treats in depression therapy and counseling in his Newport Beach, Orange County offices include:

Bipolar Disorder

Major Depressive Disorder

PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder)

Depression related to Sexual Trauma

Postpartum Depression (PPD)

Dysthymic Disorder, and

Grief and Loss Counseling


Life Transitions

Teen Depression Therapy and Adolescent Depression Therapy

Children with Depression

Low Self-Esteem

Co-dependent in Relationships

In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Depression , Dr. Nikolaidis helps clients to develop the ability to recognize, accept, and cope with feelings of depression. He helps clients to alleviate their depressed mood and return to a previous level of effective functioning. Dr. Nikolaidis helps clients to identify the source of their depressed mood. He asks clients to make a list of what they are depressed about and to process the list with him. He encourages clients to share their feelings of depression in order to clarify them and gain insight as to causes. In CBT , Dr. Nikolaidis help clients to identify cognitive self-talk and irrational thinking which is reinforcing their depression. Dr. Nik assists clients in replacing negative and self-defeating self-talk with verbalization of realistic and positive cognitive messages. Call, click or text Dr Nikolaidis now at his Newport Beach office at (949)791-7127.

Dr. Nikolaidis gets excellent reviews from his patients. The following are real examples of excellent reviews he has received:

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Orange County Depression Therapist | Orange County Depression Therapy

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